This is the latest addition to the Alfa Romeo lineup. Here is an exclusive take on the 2018 Alfa Romeo Stelvio by Robert Scherzer NY. Built as a luxury compact SUV the Stelvio is fast gaining name for itself with strong performance. On driving you would feel that handling of this car as well as the quick acceleration lives up to the hype.

The 505 hp engine with high performance is a treat to the heavy footed driver. And the fun doesn’t end here. The team at Robert Scherzer Portland noticed that Alfa Romeo had changed the entire look of Stelvio for 2018 release. This means brand new interiors with an unmatched exterior. However, there were a couple of low cost materials used which is a downer.

The stability of this SUV is great which can be seen in the easy handling at corner cutting. The pricing is very competitive in the SUV market, however there are many other options which you can consider before buying this like Audi Q5 or Jaguar F-Pace. Even though there is not much difference between a Q5 and Stelvio, the  blistering speed provided by a 505 horsepower engine does have something to say for itself.

Robert Scherzer New York will give Alfa Romeo Stelvio thumbs up if you are a speed freak and you like performance. The handling and stability are also up to mark. Factors which might bring you down is the obvious lack of having a touchscreen entertainment system. The makers made a big whoopsie by not adding a touchscreen in the year 2018. Also if you are into spacious cargo holders and trunk then the new Stelvio is not the one for you.

All in all if you think you are fan of this fantastic new model, then you might want to look towards other offerings by Alfa Romeo as well in the luxury compact SUV section by Robert Scherzer Portland.